Easter Egg Hunt
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Released: Apr 20, 2019 Views: 9

Tags: animal, anime, avoid, baby, boys, brain, cake, cartoon, cool, easter, family, girls, hidden, kids, penguin, puzzle, rabbit, skill, skills

Description: It's possible now to play Cartoon Network Easter Egg Hunt game in your web browser for free at Superkidgames.com and more fun games. there are no Cartoon Network Games like the one that you are about to play right at this moment, the game called Cartoon Network Easter Egg Hunt is one of the most special game for all of you on our website, because this new game, which is called Easter Egg Hunt, is not only an Easter-themed game, but it is also a game belonging to the Cartoon Network Games category, which you will also find in the Adventure Time Games, Gumball Games, We Bare Bears Games, and The Powerpuff Girls Games categories, because it has all the character from these shows, so we are very excited! It's a game where you will take part in an easter egg hunt, and we will tell you how right now, so make sure you pay attention! You will use the space bar to open and close the two tents, as when one opens, the other one closes. You have to do so in order to let the CN characters enter the tents, because they bring in good eggs and provide you with points, but do not let the penguins enter, because they bring bad eggs, and you lose a life each time you let one in, and gain one whenever you deny one entry. Do not let your lives reach 0, but at the same time, try and score as many points as possible. Good luck to you all, and we hope you have a really great time!