Survival 456 With Super Hero
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 8

Tags: action, adult, adventure, air, aircraft, alien, animal, anime, arcade, arena, arkanoid, army, avoid, baby, balance, ball, barbie, baseball, basketball, side scrolling, sim, simulation, simulator

Description: Are you a fan of legendary superheroes? Do you love folk games? All superheroes converge in the game Survival 456 with Superhero. What's even better is that you transform into superheroes and show your bravery in folk games to bring home a prize of 45.6 billion won. You will transform into your favorite superhero and fight in different survival games for huge prizes. Be aware that not only the red light game but also countless other interesting games that need your intelligence and ingenuity. Games in Survival 456 with Superhero: ?? Red Light Green Light: The game starts out full of adventure, but it is also a game that attracts a large number of fans because of its drama. ??Tug of war: The game not only needs strength but also needs the cooperation of all teammates. ?? Battle: Deliver a surprise blow to your opponent and use the power of your superhero of choice. ?? Glass Bridge:Memorization and a little luck will help you pass this game. ?? Dalgona Candy: Be careful because the candies are really crunchy and breakable. ?? Marbles: a fairly familiar folk game, but in a new game mode, think carefully before making a decision. ?? Rope Rescue: Can your logical thinking bring you close to victory? You need to solve difficult problems with ropes, the rope connects the beginning and the end, you need to swing on the rope to reach the finish line without getting caught in deadly traps. ?? Zombie Attack: Surely you will not want to encounter a horde of man-eating zombies, but do not worry, your superhero will have hidden powers that you do not know. Make skillful use of superhero skills. You are coming very close to victory. ??Race to Escape: The ultimate race to win huge prize money and become the most powerful superhero. Run fast to the finish line but don't forget to avoid the pitfalls on the way. You need to pass all the games to become the winner, just be a little careless and you will have to die. Feature of Survival 456 with Superhero game: ? Many levels with different difficulty ? Levels are constantly being updated ?Simple design, easy to control ? Beautiful and vivid graphics with realistic sounds Are you confident with your superhero? Try Survival 456 with Superhero now to show your bravery.