Wall Between US
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 10

Tags: action, adventure, casual, running

Description: Dona, the Pig is the leader of his land. He is well respected and very stubborn. The foxes live in the land next to Dona’s and thus far they have lived peacefully in each other’s land. Dona loves to play golf. One day he is playing a round at his favorite course, the Mur-a-logs. After hitting the ball quite far he drives up in his golf cart to find his ball missing. Confused, he pulls out another new ball and hits it further down the course. This time the same thing happens. He arrives in the cart to find his ball missing. Now, Dona is mad! He lays down another ball to hit but does not hit it this time. Instead, he waddles back to his cart with his back turned to the ball. As his back is turned a Kit Fox sneaks onto the field and grabs the ball. As the Fox grabs the ball Dona turns back around and catches the Kit red handed. Dona is quite mad at the Fox for this. He is ruining Dona’s game! Dona has the Kit Fox arrested and placed in jail for trespassing onto the Pigs’ land. He then publically declares all Kit Fox to be ILLEGAL and not allowed on Pig territory ever again. All of the Kit Fox are confused at Dona’s actions, but they vow to break their cousin out of jail and bring him back to Fox territory. Dona convinces the Pigs to give him money to build a giant wall between the Pig and Fox lands to keep the Foxes away from his beautiful golf courses. Dona starts the game at a beginner golf course that he is designing on top of his first beautiful wall. The first wall is a flimsy chain link fence that sits on the border of the two lands. As the Kit Foxes try to sneak their way to cut the fence Dona shoots his golf balls at them. The Pigs constantly give Dona more money to spend on upgrades. Dona will get a bonus the more health the wall has at the end of the level. Dona has a SHOUT ability that he can use to blow Kit away from the wall. The Kit plan on different modes of attack at every level and will send different types of Fox with different tactics at him. Some burrow underground, some pole-vault, and some fly on kites. The Kit keep telling Dona that they only want their cousin back and he can have his silly Pig land for himself. When the Kit try to reason with Dona he doesn’t understand what they are saying and assumes that the Kit are trying to coerce him into allowing them to live on his land. He tells all of the Pigs that the Kit are conspiring to take over their land and brands them all criminals. Every time a Kit breaches, or damages, the wall Dona gets mad and stomps about on top of the wall. If the wall is too heavily damaged, then he will lose the Pigs’ vote of confidence and become IMPEACHED which will lose the game. Dona gets phone calls from the Pigs during the game that give him encouragement when he is doing well, or yell at him when he is doing bad. At the completion of a level Dona stands with his hands on his hips (like a super hero) and his hair blows in the wind. Upon completion of all levels Dona is triumphant and welcomed as a hero by the Pigs. He has successfully kept the Kit Foxes away from the Pigs’ lands and really upped his golf game. He is made King of the Pigs and a parade, the best parade you’ve ever seen, is thrown for him.