Car Wash & Garage for Kids
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 12

Tags: baby, boys, bus, car, city, driving, family, racing, simulator, taxi

Description: We are glad to present to your kids our new game from the series of educational games for children - Car Wash for kids. Cars, mechanisms, various machines have become a part of our daily life. After all they do most of the work and make our life more comfortable. However, from time to time they can get dirty and break. This game is not about how to repair cars, but about washing them and make them more attractive. So, today our car wash is very popular. Lots of cars of various models came here and are waiting in line. Your baby only needs to choose a favorite one, wash it using detergents, a sponge and water, wipe and dry. After all our car wash is well-equipped and will help your child cope with the task. Here is everything for washing a car, cleaning it, polishing it and painting. After a thorough washing using one’s imagination a car enthusiast can paint a car, change wheels and apply a bright colorful sticker to distinguish it from the rest. This will give a car more attractive look and personality. The car wash game will help your child to develop fine motor skills of hands, attention and perseverance, to learn colors. It will give your baby a concept how to wash and paint a car. Your child can have an unforgettable time creating something by one’s own. We glad to see you in this new car wash superhero games. Here, we cheerfully present new washing superhero cars with superheroes textures for kids to play this service station car shampoo fun game. This kids games service station auto garage with newly designed crazy cars has become kids most favorite now in this superhero car game. Wash and make them more attractive in your very own superhero games for kids. Wash and clean your super hero crazy car and go into polishing unit in these new games 2021. Polish superheroes cars and apply compound material to look your superhero smart car more beautiful. With this application we would like to let preschoolers & little kids know some interesting and important facts about cars: 1. Car wash, and the way it is done in real by this washing cars game 2. Cars garage for some of the mechanical fixes of cars; YES, we know kids like the cars/vehicles world and we want them to have fun but learn at the same time. We introduce a cool car racing flow at the gameplay in which cars may get dirty or break down and need care at the garage. We introduce scenarios to our kids such which simulate garage with these educational fun activities in addition to washing cars: 1. Wheel puncture 2. Engine issue 3. Electricity problem 4. A need for a body fix We do that in a very simple and still educational way so kids will know the basics of this interesting world. Little kids love role playing and we believe we help them do that in a very fun and learning way! The kid can also customize his favorite car/vehicle using a rich set of wheels, bodies, lamps, and other car pieces. So what are you waiting for? play Car Wash & Garage for Kids and let your child enjoy while learning here!