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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 4

Tags: brain, game, mind, puzzle, word

Description: Play classic Hangman puzzles on your device. Suitable for all ages & abilities. How to play: Choose letters to help you guess the hidden word. When you guess a letter correctly it will display above its positioned underscore. The more letters that you guess correctly, the more likely you'll be able to guess the word correctly. Each time you select an incorrect letter, the gallows will be formed, followed by a stickman figure. Once the stickman has been fully constructed, it will be game over. When you successfully guess a word, you will have 1 coin added to your in-game balance. Coins from your balance can be used to reveal letters when you are stuck. Game Features: • Hundreds of words & a wide range of categories. • Perfectly themed to give that classic Hangman feel. • 100% free. All content is available to everyone with no hidden upgrades. • Options to turn sound effects on/off. • Game progress will always be saved along with your high score. We hope that you enjoy our classic Hangman game & look forward to hearing your feedback.