Day at School Student Class PRO

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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 0

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Description: It’s time to go to school with this My Crazy Class Teacher : School Day Activity, we learn and have fun at same time. You’ll just love being a teacher! Get ready to teach at the coolest school ever, packed with super fun and creative activities! Be the kids’ favorite class teacher! Help them solve puzzles & keep them active. It’s time for experiencing the most amazing school adventure. Parents will love to download this free mobile game for educational purposes. You can let your kids play this game at home when they are not going to school. This game will help your kids to boost the memory. For school girls , pens, pencils, notebooks, clothes , makeup and bags should be ready one day before first day at school classroom. Ask question like a stellar students to your classroom teachers with confidence. Brush your teeth, get well dressed, do your hair, do makeup & eat a good breakfast. Make sure your hairs are not greasy or dirty. IF you are a girly, choose a colourful and fashionable bag for books. In case, not girly choose a sports bag or backpack is ok. Do not skip the freshman orientation and get friendly with upperclassmen and your class teachers.Enjoy Free Twins girls & makup game.Attend your school’s social events.Be respectful for your teachers. Be a stellar student of your class. Participate in class room fun activities. Be a great study planner in classroom and at homework as well. Discuss your study plans with your class teachers. Look back to school days and enjoy this free girls games with friends and family.