Super heros Combat & flying
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 13

Tags: 3d, action, boys, fighting, fire, flight, girls, street fighting, superhero

Description: Join this daring new imagination of the Marvel Universe, equip your Champions and play your part in this epic real-time Action-RPG brawl! Customize your Marvel Champions with weapons and gear. Then, team up with your network of friends in high-action, real-time team battles. Deal devastating damage at close range with your Black Panther. Use high powered ranged attacks with your Web Warrior and Iron Legionnaire. Amplify your allies with your Supreme Storm and Sorcerer, dealing bursts of damage to defeated groups of enemies. Maestro, an evil version of the Hulk from an alternate future, ruled a planet formed from fused and alternate timelines. Due to the mysterious murder of the leader of Battleworld, this world has fallen into disarray. The barons rose to control their lands, seeking to turn the tide of the war in their favor, choosing to settle their differences with a secret war. As the Barons launch their Champions into battle, it's up to YOU ??to rise from a rookie to a legendary BATTLEWORLD hero! FEATURES OF THE KINGDOM OF MARVEL CHAMPIONS: CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHAMPION AND MAKE YOUR MARVEL! • The only Marvel game with flexible customization options allowing you to mix and match gear and weapons • Earn gear, weapons and upgrades as you earn victories on the battlefield to upgrade and strengthen your champions • The more powerful your champions become, the more successful you will be! • New equipment and weapons are constantly being added! BATTLE IN EPIC REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER Brawls • Fight in competitive 3v3 battles for epic rewards and claim your victory in Arena Conquest • Brawl for supremacy in utter chaos in Deathmatch 2v2v2 clashes • Fend off the increasingly difficult waves of enemies in Stronghold and earn rewards to strengthen your roster • Overcome unique status effects and strategize new with your team as part of limited-time global quests DOMINATE WITH YOUR ALLIANCE • Team up to overcome challenges and earn huge rewards for you and your Alliance! • Create a community of champions ready to take on the challenges of Battleworld! • Strategize with your team to choose the right mix of champions to dominate the leaderboards! LIVE A BREATHTAKING FIGHT IN A WONDERFUL NEW WORLD • Explore the deep history of Battleworld, full of mystery, intrigue and fierce battles • Enjoy inspiring graphics with Champions, Battle Arenas, and spectacular animations inspired by iconic Marvel characters and settings. • The battle in the barbarian wastelands of the Gamma Horde, the high-tech landscapes of the Iron House of Stark Prime, the dimensional quirks of the ancient temple of Vishanti, the military-style camps of the Patriotic Garrison of Peggy Carter, And much more!