Bachelor VS Cupidon

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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 3

Tags: funny, love, puzzle, war

Description: This bachelor is very happy with his single life, but he doesn't know what is coming for him. Cupid is determined to make him fall in love! So you are now ready to go in an epic fight between the two of them! You are siding with the bachelor and you will have to throw socks and the little Cupids that are shooting love arrows at you. You can use your A and D keys on your keyboard to move right and left and your mouse to aim and shoot. If you succeed in killing a Cupid, a beer will fall from the sky. Collect the beers because they represent your lives. If you get shot by arrows, you will lose them. Your goal in this game is to survive without getting married for as long as possible. Do you think you can hold up? Have an incredible time playing this exciting game!