Tactical Knight Puzzle

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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 5

Tags: casual, puzzle

Description: Check your concentration and response skills with the most addictive, tactical and interesting puzzle game Tactical Knight Puzzle Test. The game is really easy with a simple user interface and beautiful graphics. "Tactical Knight Puzzle Test" is a swipe game wherein you have to swipe up, down, left or right to grab the sword, kill all the enemies while saving yourself from getting drowned to reach the next level. The enemies are at different places on the island and you need to help the knight to kill all enemies by swiping up, down , left or right in the correct order. Better the order, greater the score. Score higher and update the Knight Skin. When you try to swipe, it creates a path to show whether it will lead to safe swipe or a death bed. This is a perfect game for all puzzle game lovers. "Tactical Knight Puzzle" is the most challenging game with unlimited fun.! Play the game even if you get two minutes of time or want to get out of the stress. With the single game of "Tactical Knight Puzzle Test" you will feel relaxed and can get back to your work. This puzzle game is suited for players of all age groups. You will surely enjoy the game and have the ultimate fun helping the knight in bumping off the enemies. The knight puzzle game requires complete concentration and focus. Slide on the screen in the right order and right direction to exterminate the enemies . Keep playing and playing until you get stuck.