Scary Horror Teacher
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 9

Tags: 3d, escape, ghost, simulation

Description: Enter the world of Scary Neighbor Teacher 3D and face off against the worst high school teacher on the planet. The teacher has moved into the player's neighborhood. In this hair-raising game the player seeks to teach the Scary Neighbor Teacher a lesson. The player is on a mission to get revenge for all the students that have been threatened and tortured by this wicked teacher. This game follows the story of an evil teacher and her genius student. This horror themed game travels through Scary Neighbor Teacher or Ms. Tina's 15 room house. The player discreetly travels through the house to pull off pranks against the teacher. The player strives to complete pranks that are sure to vex this high school teacher. The goal is to not get caught completing your missions. Players need to move stealthy through the house searching for needed items to provoke this wretched woman. This is easy to do with onscreen navigational tools. Why not take a crowbar to Ms. T's television and prevent her from enjoying her favorite program? Have fun while trying to infuriate your dreadful high school teacher. With vivid animation and intriguing sound effects this game comes to life. The player becomes immersed in the addictive game play. The game features Halloween decor which adds to the spooky environment. Within this horror genre game there are many ways to annoy Ms. T. Consider releasing the pet under her confinement to enact your revenge. As you search each room of Ms. Tina's home be aware that each room holds its own mystery. Be on the look out for pictures of the teacher's student victims and scared pets in order to help you solve the mystery of each room. Does Scary Neighbor Teacher participate in black magic? Her neighbors think she does. They often abandon their homes because of the horrific sounds they hear that lead them to believe that ghosts haunt her home; though, there is nothing more horrifying than Ms. Tina herself. If the unfortunate looking teacher spots the player this keen eyed teacher will run and grab the player and evict the gamer from her house and the game. Get caught and you fail the task and the level. This teacher goes from bad to worse when the player discovers this deranged woman has kidnapped one of her former students from the spooky 100 year old school where she works, It is up to the player to be this student's savior. It is the players job to help this student escape captivity and defeat the Scary Neighbor Teacher. This interactive game can be quite challenging moving from one task to another. Players can get the most out of this game by downloading the Guide for Scary Teacher app. This unofficial companion app provides assistance to players seeking to discover additional tips and tricks. This guide provides players with information on how to effectively and creatively punish Scary Teacher. This application reveals details of what each room of Ms. Tina's 15 room house holds and how to unlock the mystery of each room. Features : Scary Neighbor Strategy Scary Teacher Mission! - wonderful Halloween Eve Graphics and gorgeous Animations - amazing Game-Play - simple On-Screen Controls - attention-grabbing activities! - wonderful Sounds! - Direction map and Hints! - habit-forming Game Story!