Paint Runner – Trending Hyper Casual Game
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 4

Tags: adventure, casual, stickman

Description: Paint Runner 3D Color Race Colors of the world are to die for. Who doesn’t appreciate the value and effects colors have on our living? Imagine a world full of blacks and whites, it would feel so lifeless and cold. Colors are the warmth and freshness of life. Paint Runner 3D Color Race considers the warming effects of colors, thereby wanting to paint the world more vibrantly. Definitely lists as the trendiest game ever, that zeroes out the dullness and lets you enjoy the perfect colors of life. Proves to be an interesting and engaging game for players of all ages. Paint Runner 3D Color Race is an exciting and addictive fun play game that allows creative minds to make the most of their free time useful in mending their mental activity and attention. Plus it kills bad vibes and depression. In the game, runners run and paint the place with their colors. Tap on a runner to get him running. Make sure they don’t clash in their ways or you'll lose the level. Ideal for growing children to develop a better understanding of orienting colors and shapes, improving one’s creativity and concentration.