Camping Adventures: Family Road Trip Planner
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 9

Tags: boys, family, girls, planet, road, sports, strategy, word

Description: Let’s plan the Family Road Trip Adventures on this summer vacation. The game will give you come back your childhood and enjoy the Camping Trip Adventures and go travel with your Family and your Friends. Camping Trip has a lots of fun outdoor activities you can easily and freedom to play like camping, campfire, wash and repair your car, pitch tents, cooking, fishing, shopping or play hide and seek with animals, toys or plaything... Camping Trip Adventures give you travel and go the picnic even on your phone. OUTSTANDING FEATURES: Our Camping Trip game will help you to improve the Road Trip training skills or exciting tasks. For example: prepare the time to do a backpack and get ready for a family picnic. Make sure you can remember anything, carry all the needy items and can not leave anything behind when you come and go to the Round Trip outdoor. Camping Adventures: Family Road Trip Planner Game Features: • Bags Packing: to prepare your trip smoothly, you need to pack the bags by dragging the items into the right place. For example: pick the correct travel suitcase, hat, toys for your kids, towel, bathroom brush, boots or shoes... • Clothes Packing: dress the beautiful clothes to make you become new style and so cute, the Camping Trip supports many clothes for you FREE to try: new hat, new shirt or t-shirt, baby skirt, bracelet, new shoes, sport shoes, new thick pants, shorts pants... • Wash and Repair new Car: Wash, prepare and clean your car before going on your fun Adventures Road Trip. • Set up Tent for sleeping: You can free to build the tent creatively with your slogan that you, your friends and your family are sleeping in this Family Road Trip Adventures of the fun outdoor activities. • Go Fishing: Fishing for your friends and your family to have a great outdoor party trip • Play Hide and Seek Road Trip Items: Play hide and seek with cute animals or toys in the campsite. • Cooking: Enjoy cooking at the campsite at night. • Professional graphic design with fan-static music background and amazing sound effects • You can play and enjoy Family Road Trip Adventures even without INTERNET anytime anyplace. Let's start your Road Trip and discover all the fun Camping Trip Adventures activities you are waiting Download and start your adventures for your trip NOW!!!