Pet Doctor
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 10

Tags: cat, doctor

Description: Nature is a place where different animal species coexist. Dogs, cats, rabbits and monkeys need your help at the forest animal hospital. They need a doctor's help immediately! You will be able to use your medical knowledge and plenty of instruments to treat different illnesses and injuries. Help your furry friends gain strength so they can run and have fun again. Start by making a diagnosis: • Fever: take the animal's temperature and treat its fever with ice, drops and syrup. • Otitis: eliminate viruses in a mini-game and put cotton in the animal's ear. • Sore throat: use your fingers to remove germs from the mouth of the • Bobo due to a fall: removes all foreign bodies, vaporizes ticks and applies a little ointment to the redness. • Stomach ache: catch all the candy and choose the right food for each animal.