Balloon Popping Game for Kids - Offline Games

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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 6


Description: Play the best offline balloon popping game for kids. Totally free. Balloon Popping by SNG is the best free offline game for kids. It is totally free and needs no wifi connection. It improves hand-eye coordination for both kids and their parents. Do not waste time and download it now. A classic balloon popping game for kids and their parents, with colorful graphics, 5 different balloon themes, endless mode and candies! Just touch the balloons to pop them and follow the colors to make combos to earn more candies. You can level up collecting candies and enable different balloon types. No in App purchases. Totally free. New ENDLESS Mode is more challenging. We guess that parents will like it more! Hardest balloon popping game mode is waiting for you. - Easy to play for kids - Improves hand-eye coordination - Family game for all ages - 5 different themes: standard balloons, monsters, fruits, animals and sea stars - Make combos and collect more candies - Attention!! New difficult endless mode. REVIEWS