Basketball Arena -  Flick 3D

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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 10

Tags: basketball, sports

Description: Pickup a ball and swipe towards the hoop to score. Challenge your opponents on 1v1 online basketball matches! The best basketball flick game is here! The ultimate addictive fun basketball game. Pickup a ball and swipe towards the hoop to score. Score higher and make your way up in the online leaderboards. REALISTIC 3D GRAPHICS Basketball Arcade on mobile has never looked this good. Choose from 16 colorful balls. You gain XP points in every game. Which adds up and the global Level increases. You can see your current Level in the main menu or the game over screen. There is also a global score multiplier which increases as you level up. Making a perfect dunk sets the ball on fire and throwing a ball into the basket while that ball is on fire sets the basket on fire. Every time you set the basket on fire, the score multiplier increases by x1. The basket fire is on for 10 seconds. TIME TRIAL MODE This mode starts with the timer of 30 seconds. Every perfect dunk adds +2 seconds, and every perfect dunk while the basket is on fire adds +3 seconds. ENDLESS MODE In this mode you have 3 lives. A new life is added for every 15 dunks in a row. The game is over when there is no lives left. PRACTICE MODE You can play this mode to practice without any timer or lives. FEATURES - 16 colorful balls to choose from. - 3 Game Modes. - Realistic Physics. - Stunning 3D graphics. So what you waiting for? Download now for FREE.