Iron Man War
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 13

Tags: fighting, superhero, war

Description: Superhero war games are an amazing way to perform a secret agent duty. Many flying superhero adventures have been completed before the final battle. The superhuman battlefield is full of innocent people, so being an elastigirl and bravo shooter, be the savior of city people from the city gangster to complete mission D-Day. Only you have the power of spy hero to defeat the evils in this final battle of captain superhero. Prove yourself the real captain of America with bravery wonder girl women power against the city mafia in the battlefield. Mafia is active in your city after the world war. Show your bravery and fighting skills to make peace and stability in the crime city as a punch superhero. World war is ending but the city mafia is active now that destroy the peace of the city that is full of with innocent people. They are just destroying the innocent people homes and other infrastructure as after effects. The future fight is much difficult as compare to the present. The use of technology to defeat the enemy is necessary now a day, so being a flying superhero you are given laser beam power in your eyes in superhero adventures. It’s the best chance to become the bravo shooter and the secret agent of city mission D-Day. Fly like an angle with the power of eyes beam in superhero future fight in the battle that continues to save the world with future superhero fight skills and tactics of modern battlegrounds. You have the power of a captain superhero against the future robot. They are going the attack on the city that is full of people that want peace. They have their troops for bank robbery, car theft, and car chase. Accept this amazing challenging game of superhuman battlefield and enjoy the superhero games for boys. Perform your duty and use your eyes power and other given powers to kills the entire gangsters from the city as a superhero. Features : • Be the guardian of people property • Kill all the mafia gangsters of the city • Super women and super hero man • Use guns and other superhero power • Complete missions to unlock others • Make a custom selection of game levels Download Punch Superhero Battleground: World War Simulator