Flipping Bottle

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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 11

Tags: adventure, anime, cartoon

Description: Do you feel the call of Tom and Jerry? So exciting! You just need to flip your bottle in the air and land perfectly on each platform. At some point, you need to flip it twice. When the bottle falls on the TV, believe me, you will see a surprise! how? Tap the screen to accept the challenge! Explore different scenes and jump to different objects. Shelves, sofas, chairs, tables, stereos, and TVs that surprise you! Control the distance and timing of the jump and test your flexibility. Reach the end once! No one can pass 10 levels in a row, will you be the first? Features: -Agility, coordination and unlimited fun-you will experience different fun; -Explore mysterious rooms; -Remember, there are surprises on the TV; -Do you really think it's easy? -In fact, no one can pass 10 levels in a row.