Street Dunk
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Released: Jan 28, 2022 Views: 20

Tags: sports

Description: The most exciting Street basketball game is here! Is it a fake action or a real shot, is a block or a sham? You need to judge by yourself! Can you deal with the ever-changing situation on the court? Game features: ? Rich game levels, featured street shooting patterns, a variety of challenges! Just show your shooting skills! ? All kinds of fashionable basketballs are there in the game for you to feel different shots! There are no restrictions! ? Unique shooting skills, rich and varied shooting scenes. How many balls can you make in the specified time? ? As the difficulty of the level increases, how will you break through and throw more basketball in more difficult conditions in a shorter period of time! You have to challenge yourself! ? Amazing pictures, smooth shooting operations, and delicate control feeling! ? More and more fun gameplay waiting for you in the later levels! How many levels can you pass?